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Chcete svým ratolestem nabídnout zážitek i poznání v jednom? Naplánujte si výlet do muzeí, které malé návštěvníky nenudí.

Liberecké Centrum Babylon je obří továrnou na zábavu. V místním staročeském lunaparku najdete houpačky, kolotoče, autodrom nebo divokého býka. Průlet mimozemskými světy zažijete ve 4D kině a bloudění si vychutnáte v zrcadlovém labyrintu se strašidly a optickými klamy! V závěru dne můžete rodinu vyzvat na souboj v oblíbené laser game aréně nebo na bowlingu, který je díky bočním výsuvným mantinelům vhodný i pro malé děti.

V těsné blízkosti zříceniny hradu Trosky u Turnova se nachází oblíbený přírodní zábavní park Šťastná země. Pro návštěvníky jsou zde připraveny houpačky, prolézačky, lanovky a obří nafukovací trampolíny. Součástí areálu je také Prožitková geopark – dobrodružná stezka s interaktivními prvky, která poučí malé i velké výletníky.

Máte-li doma lego-nadšence, určitě nevynechejte návštěvu libereckého Muzea stavebnice LEGO. Prohlédnete si více než 1000 originálních modelů lega a repliku liberecké radnice, kterou jsme postavili z více než 100 tisíc kostiček!

Do you want your little ones to learn new things and have an adventure at the same time? Plan a trip to museums where young visitors won’t be bored.

Liberec’s Babylon Centre is a giant fun factory. In the old Bohemian-style fun-fair, you’ll find swings, merry-go-rounds, bumper cars and a mechanical bull. You can fly through space full of extraterrestrial worlds in a 4D cinema and relish getting lost in a mirror maze, complete with monsters and optical illusions! You can finish your day by challenging the rest of your family to a fight in the popular laser game arena or go bowling in an alley that is also suited for young children thanks to retractable bumpers on the sides of the lane.

Near the Trosky Castle ruins near Turnov is a popular natural leisure park called Šťastná země (Happy Land). There are swings, jungle gyms, zip lines and giant inflatable trampolines that can be enjoyed by visitors. One of the park’s attractions is the Geopark Experience – an adventure trail with interactive features, along which both young and old travellers learn new facts.

If you have a Lego enthusiast at home, be sure not to miss a visit to Liberec’s Lego Museum. You’ll see more than a thousand original Lego models, as well as a replica of the Liberec Town Hall, which we built using over one hundred thousand bricks!

The vision of Liberec’s ECOPark is to ‘drag families with children out of shopping centres and take them to the great outdoors’. This beautiful, tranquil park covering an area of ten thousand square metres is a true natural oasis in the centre of Liberec. You’ll certainly not be bored here! There are jungle gyms, sandpits, a lookout tower, hammocks, an insect museum, a barefoot trail, maze and plenty of other attractions in the park.

You and your family can pay a visit to Liberec’s iQLANDIA science centre whether it’s cold and damp outside or not. In an area spanning over ten thousand square metres, you’ll be able to enjoy more than 400 interactive exhibits that you can try out for yourselves. Among the biggest crowd-pullers is the Thespian (the first humanoid robot in the Czech Republic), a superb Planetarium and a whole host of exhibitions, such as Water World and GEOLab. You can also play a detective in the Kriminálka (Crime Scene Investigation) game and, with the help of tricky tasks and clues, solve the murder of Dr Pospíšilová once and for all!

Another popular science park is the iQpark in Liberec’s Babylon Centre. The park makes science and technology accessible to young and old alike. Even the very youngest of our visitors learn, through interactive games, about phenomena in physics and chemistry, animals, plants and, for instance, astronomy. Children can get a taste of what the passengers on the Titanic must have felt when the ship was sinking, walk through a star tunnel and compare heights with the tallest person in the world.

All children all fascinated by dinosaurs. They’re so huge, terrifying and terrific that it’s simply hard to take our eyes off them. And that’s not all – when the dinosaurs start moving amid the steam coming out of the nearby marshes while a true Mesozoic storm is raging all around you, you’re sure to get a good-quality experience out of it. Besides the dinosaur exhibits, there is also a trail for courageous children, a 4D cinema, time tunnel and primeval forest with real rain in Liberec’s DinoPark


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