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Our country has every right to be called the country of beer, the golden beverage. There are 14 large breweries just in our region, so come and taste some of the local beer.

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Brewery Turnov

Turnov Breweries

Clam-Gallas manor brew-house

FrydlantThis old brewery is situated on the banks of the river Smědá right under the Frýdlant castle. It is quite an extensive complex of buildings ...Engineering monuments

Family Mini Brewery - Vendelín Krkoška

LiberecThe Vendelín beer is an unfiltered lager brewed in a small family-run mini-brewery situated in Harcov, a suburb of Liberec. Breweries

Hroch pub

LiberecBilliards Hroch has a small home brewery. It is located in Harcov University campus (block F). Taste light or semi-dark lager and come with friends ...Pubs, bars

Chateau brewery

DeteniceThe period interiors of the malt house, the cask factory, the brewhouse, the hop garden, the lager cellars, the fermenting cellar, and the ice-house, historic ...Breweries

Klášter Brewery

Klaster Hradiste nad JizerouOriginally a Cistercian monastery, it was rebuilt in the 19th century into a brewery. Breweries

Konrad Brewery, Vratislavice nad Nisou

LiberecThe right to brew beer was acquired by the burghers already in June 1560. The rules laid down in the confirmation of the beer brewing ...Breweries

Liberec breweries

LiberecWhere beer is brewed, life is good! This is what the Czechs have been clear for centuries. The city without a brewery is like a ...

Malá Skála brewery - Restaurant Pod Pantheonem

Mala Skala Restaurants and drive-in diners

Mini brewery - Hotel Pivovarská bašta

VrchlabiMini brewery in hotel Pivovarská bašta is part of the hotel restaurant, which is located on the northern outskirts of Vrchlabí, in the tourist region ...Breweries

Nová Paka brewery

Nova Paka Breweries

Novosad a syn Harrachov

Harrachov Breweries
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