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Downhill skiing is one of those sports that is passed down from one generation to the next. To put it simply: once you start, you won’t be able to stop. Here at Liberec Region, we can deliver a wonderful experience. Ski equipment rental, night skiing, artificial snow making on ski slopes, ski schools, accommodation, restaurants and refreshments. What else could you wish for?  We offer countless numbers of ski lifts, dozens of chairlifts and ski runs of various levels of difficulty, from the longest and most challenging ones to practice meadows for children and beginners. So, where shall we head?

The Ještěd Ski Resort is decidedly among the most visited ski resorts, offering its visitors over nine kilometres of trails at all levels of difficulty, chairlifts, as well as traditional ski lifts. Children will certainly appreciate the Snow Kidz Park, where they can learn to ski, or go sledging instead.

The Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák and Bedřichov ski centres merged into the Jizerky Ski Resort, which offers joint ski passes and ski bus service. The Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák and Bedřichov ski resorts offer a total of 18 km of ski slopes, 21 ski lifts, one chairlift and three magic carpets within the Jizera Mountains and are thus one of the best-equipped ski centres in the Jizera Mountains. You can ski on a total of 6.6 km of ski runs at Špičák, with four ski runs longer than one kilometre and of all levels of difficulty – from the most difficult black to the easy blue ones. Even though there are 5.4 km of ski slopes in Bedřichov, they are mostly wide runs of intermediate and low difficulty.  That’s why it’s often sought out by families with children. And what about Severák? This peak is similar to Bedřichov and even has something extra – a ski lift and ski run crossing a bridge built over a road.

The Harrachov Ski Resort, built on the slopes of Čertova Hora and boasting a more than two-kilometre long blue ski run, is perhaps the most popular Czech ski centre of them all. At the beginning of the season, you can get some ski practice on two blue ski runs. More demanding skiers will be delighted to ski down two red ski runs, and real ski enthusiasts will be able to test their skills on a black ski run.

The most visited mountain range is the Giant Mountains. Their numerous ski centres and resorts offer groomed ski slopes to thousands of visitors. We now find it difficult to choose one for you, as there are so many of them that we wouldn’t know where to start. Some of the more renowned centres are Špindlerův Mlýn, Herlíkovice, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Pec pod Sněžkou, Janské Lázně, Vítkovice, Vysoké nad Jizerou, Paseky nad Jizerou, Benecko, Jablonec nad Jizerou, Velká Úpa, Černý Důl, Vrchlabí, Dolní Dvůr, Svoboda nad Úpou, Poniklá and Žacléř.

Large ski centres have chairlifts, whereas the smaller ones have T-bar and platter ski lifts although this doesn’t mean they’re flawed in any way. We’ll pick Kamenec in Jablonec nad Jizerou for you, which has, in addition to two ski lifts and three red and blue ski runs, a unique carved turn slope and a slalom course with a timing facility. The Šachty Ski Resort is nearby, which offers its ski facilities to skiers and snowboarders during the daytime and at night. On top of that, you’ll be amazed by phenomenal views.

We also recommend the Černá Hora – Pec SkiResort. The Černá Hora Resort (Janské Lázně) is also popular thanks to the Černá Hora Express, the only eight-seat cable car in the Czech Republic. The longest, up to three-kilometre-long ski slopes, run down Černá Hora. You can time your speed on the giant slalom course with a timepiece and by doing so, get a taste of what Ester Ledecká may feel during a race. We’d like to share another interesting fact with you, though: you can get to Pec pod Sněžkou either on your skis or by snowcat. The unique SkiTour snowcat will take you across a flat stretch on the Černá Hora peak, and then you can enjoy a three-kilometre long ski run on forest paths around Černá Hora Peatbog.

One of the largest ski areas in the Czech Republic is, situated on the boundary of the western part of the Giant Mountains and the Jizera Mountains. Benefits for skiers include a joint travel fare in the ski centres in Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Paseky nad Jizerou, Příchovice and Rejdice. It is the ski resort at Rokytnice nad Jizerou that can, thanks to its varied terrain, offer skiing to all types of skiers and snowboarders. Beginners, intermediate and expert skiers of all ages will each find something here that will appeal to them. Downhill runs at all levels of difficulty (blue, red, black) are 14.4 km long in total.

Talking of snowboarders, they won’t miss out on fun here either. Most ski resorts’ facilities include snowparks with jumps and obstacles of various shapes and sizes. The longest are in the Giant Mountains – mainly at Svatý Petr in Špindlerův Mlýn, Herlíkovice, Vítkovice v Krkonoších, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Horní Podluží and Ještěd. Rejdice and Paseky nad Jizerou ski centres are also popular, though.

If small-scale ski resorts are your thing, head to the Lusatian Mountains. Despite their lower altitude, they have great skiing facilities suited predominantly for families with children. Their main centres are Jedlová, Horní Světlá, Horní Podluží and Polevsko. There are three downhill runs in Horní Podluží, all of which are roughly 650 metres long. TimPark is intended for a clientele consisting of children and beginners. It’s equipped with colourful passage gates, a heated playhouse, Tim, and a variety of children’s cartoon characters.

How about an extra bonus at the end? Ski buses help with transport to the ski centres, so you don’t have to worry and just leave your car at the hotel. Let the bus take you to the foot of the ski slope, and then all you have to do is enjoy the views, ski down the slopes and treat yourself to some warm refreshments.


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Family Ski Park Bret

ZaclerThe attractive Prkenný Důl valley where we are located is part of the town of Zacler. Skiing and snowboarding

Childrens world Severák

Janov nad NisouChildren\\\\\\\'s ski school, playground, children\\\\\\\'s play room and more for the smallest skiers Skiing and snowboarding

Javorník Giant Barrel Ski Centre

JermaniceThe modern Javorník Giant Barrel ski centre is located in Jeřmanice near the city Liberec. Sports facility is great for parents with their children. Skiing and snowboarding

Ještěd Ski School - Kubík´s Ski School

LiberecProfessional ski & snowboard school helps you with first steps as well as with advanced techniques of riding. Skiing and snowboarding

K + K Ski School

Janske LazneK + K Ski School is situated in city Janské Lázně, in region Giant Mountains (Krkonose). Skiing and snowboarding

Ludvík Košek´s winter stadium

Turnov Skiing and snowboarding

Lyžařská a snowboardová škola Javorník

LiberecSki School operates on the slopes of the hill Javorník. Sports facility is ideal for beginners and small children to learn skiing. Skiing and snowboarding

Masters Ski school - chalet Anýz

VitkoviceMasters Ski school on chalet Anise offers a ski school with 20th years experiences. Price ski school is for customers of chalet Anise discounted. Skiing and snowboarding

OK Sport

LiberecSpecialized bicycle and ski shop with professional service. Cycle rental and services

SK ski POLICIE Liberec - Ski School

LiberecSport Club Ski Policie has its office in Liberec on Square Tržní nám. but the ski school operates in Bedřichov. Skiing and snowboarding

Ski - childerngarten Bedřichov

Janov nad NisouSki - childerngarten Bedřichov in Jizera mountains offers skiing courses for young children and beginners. Skiing and snowboarding

Ski area Zlatá Olešnice

Zlata Olesnice (Jablonec n. N.) Skiing and snowboarding
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