Žlutá Plovárna rope climbing centre

The rope climbing centre in Malá skála is one of the largest centres of this kind in the Liberec Region. It is situated in Žlutá plovárna on the bank of the Jizera River.

This centre features both high and low ropes. The entire programme takes place under the supervision of professional instructors who will make you familiar with the technique of climbing and securing yourself and will recommend you obstacles that will best match your skills and condition.

22 giant wooden pillars sunk in the ground are connected by rope obstacles, bridges and other attractions at the height of 8 to 10 m above the ground.

The centre boasts 20 obstacles of different levels of difficulty:
- Tarzan's leap from the height of 8 m, big swing (a leap into stretched ropes)
- a giant swing
- rope route
- climbing wall and other activities.

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