Boruvkova (‘Blueberry’) Trail – A Look into Forest Management

Growths of low shrubs which abound in blueberries at the end of summer are typical for the Krkonose’s spruce forests, which this track will take you to before you ascend to the top of Zaly Mountain, whose old German name, Heidelberg, means the blueberry mountain.

The first colonisers of the mountain forests were prospectors and miners. The royal Mining Marshall Krystof of Gendorf began mining iron ore in the mid-16th century and established foundries. The mines and foundries needed a great supply of wood. Gendorf called upon experienced woodcutters and rafters from his homeland, Carinthia, and also from Styria and Tyrol. They settled here with their families and established new settlements, such as Krausovy chalets, around which this track runs. The settlers cut wood, built charcoal kilns and rafted timber. Good examples of their skills in torrent control can be seen near ‘Bouda u Bileho Labe’ chalet on the Certova strouha brook, where a masterpiece of torrent control, more than 100 years old, has been preserved, consisting of dozens of stone steps which slow down the water flow and prevent flooding. 


From Miru Square in Vrchlabi, take Husova Street to the west past the Krkonose Museum on the yellow-marked tourist path and continue to Knezicka chalet ©, Krizovky junction and Benecko. Turn right onto track 10A and follow the red-marled tourist path for Zaly Mountain and the viewing tower © - Rovinka junction © - cycling track 11, Tridomi - cycling track 12, Labska, Horni Misecky - track 1A, Bedrichov ©, follow the red-marked tourist path to the Bedrichov army sanatorium and then the main road past Monkey Park, join the red-marked tourist path- across Bily bridge ©, cycling track 16, Stoh hill, ‘U Bileho Labe’ chalet, Weberova trail along the River Bile Labe ©, Pod Divci strani (KRNAP log cabin) - cycling track 14, the centre of Spindleruv Mlyn, across Bily bridge to the Dolska disco bar ©, cycling track 1A, Nad Prehradou junction - follow the yellow-marked tourist path, ‘Nad Krasnou Plani’ junction, Strazne - village centre © - follow the yellow-marked tourist path to Vrchlabi ©. 

The track is 51 km long and runs along asphalt, reinforced and dirt roads.


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