We’re off to the mountains

Top quality and a wide range of winter sports to choose from – that’s why the Liberec Region is one of the best destinations for a winter holiday. And we have to agree, as the Jizera Mountains, the Ještěd mountain ridge, the Lusatian Mountains and the Giant Mountains offer perfect conditions for downhill and cross-country skiing, not to mention other winter adrenalin sports. So why not make the most of the opportunity?

And where else to start than the Ještěd Ski Resort – the perfect place to spend some active leisure time. The resort has 4 cable cars and 6 chair lifts, which will take you safely and quickly up to the top of the downhill slope. The downhill slopes are suitable for families with children, but also for experienced and seasoned skiers. Yet there’s also plenty of fun to be had for non-skiers. What about trying the sledging track? It runs from the top station of the Skalka cable car as far as the Horní Hanychov tram stop, making it 3 kilometres long. And what better way to recall those happy days of childhood than on a proper sledge, snow scooter or shovel? Everyone’s got a different name for it, but the experience is just as much fun whatever you call it! Now, let’s move away from Ještěd and go a bit further north, to Bedřichov, to check out the famous Jizerská magistrála. All winter cross- country skiers will be pleased to hear that the routes are regularly maintained, and so we can all enjoy any of these trails, which run for a total of 170 kilometres. For downhill skiers, the Jizera Mountains offer over 30 different ski resorts. Some of the most popular are undoubtedly the Ještěd Ski Resort, as mentioned above, and the Jizerky Ski Resort, which links three resorts together – Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák and Bedřichov.

And what about a ride on a rubber inner tube. This hugely popular adrenaline attraction, in a special snow toboggan, is an amazing experience for fun-lovers of all ages. In some places you’re taken to the top of the slope by a special chair life, while in others you have to get to the top under your own steam before you can hurtle back down the winding track. You also have the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of evening rides on a floodlit track. Places where you can try snowtubing include Benecko and also Bedřichov.

The Lusatian Mountains – that undiscovered jewel of the border region, that has a lot more to offer than it might seem. If the snow conditions are ideal, the area around Cvikov is transformed into a paradise for skiers. In the broader surroundings of the town there are several well-maintained routes that take you for a lovely tour around the Lusatian Mountains. A smaller circuit can be found on the meadows below Zelený vrch hill, roughly 3 kilometres long. And if the weather’s good, you can admire some wonderful views of the summit of Klíč and the town of Cvikov. However, for real enthusiasts we recommend the route leading to the Lužická magistrála main cross-country skiing trail. The street K Rybníčku is the starting point for a trail that goes around Kamenitý hill, and continues on to Milštejn and as far as the crossroads to the Lužická magistrála.

There is a popular cross-country skiing stadium at the Horní Mísečky resort in the Giant Mountains. It offers perfectly maintained tracks for classic skiing and skating. The routes, ranging in length from 1.5 to 10 kilometres, are world championship class and there’s no risk of getting bored. You’re sure to love the very first view of the snow-capped peak of Kotel. You can opt for a ridge route that runs to the Vrbatova bouda chalet and on to the Vosecká or Labská bouda chalets. However, if you prefer to stay on level ground, you’re best taking the route to Benecko via Janova Hora or Přední Labská.

If you’re a fan of downhill skiing and are looking for tips for the nearest slopes, the Giant Mountains certainly won’t disappoint. Some of the most popular ski resorts include Čertova hora, Černá Hora – Pec, Svatý Petr and, let’s not forget, Medvědín. The downhill slopes of the Giant Mountains are some of the best in the region. They’re the longest, very well maintained, and the mountain resorts are equipped with the very latest facilities offering the greatest possible degree of comfort. All we need to do is strap on our downhill ski boots and head off down those furrows!

The winter time offers countless fun ways of enjoying the season, whether we prefer skis, sledges, ice skates, or even snowshoes. So, pack up your winter gear, grab a tasty snack and head off with us to the Liberec Region. And don’t forget to follow our social media, where you can find us under REGION LIBEREC, so that you have the most up-to-date information about the winter resorts, snow conditions and other tips for winter fun and sports.


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