Where to go in winter when there’s no snow

Winter’s in full swing here, but it looks like it’s forgotten about the snow. No need to despair, however, as the Liberec Region offers plenty of places to visit even when the weather’s not ideal. So why not make the most of the opportunity?

Let’s leave our skis at home and explore the snow-free countryside of the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains, enjoy some unique exhibitions on show at the regional museums and galleries, and have some adventurous fun with science and knowledge.

If you fancy taking in the natural beauty of the Liberec Region, you can’t miss a trip along the Jizerská magistrála. Although this region is particularly popular with cross-country skiers, the lack of snow means that it is now ideal for hikers. You can walk the five-kilometre “Pětka” circuit that leads from Bedřichov around the Klikvová louka nature reserve and the famous Bedřichovský viklan rock formation, or take a stroll along the biggest dam in the Jizera Mountains – Josefův Důl as far as the Na Čihadle peat bog, where a wooden walkway takes you to a lookout tower. There are a total of 23 places to join the Jizerská magistrála from the Liberec, Jablonec, Tanvald and Frýdlant regions. Wherever you start from, every route will take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the Jizera Mountains and reveal all the secrets that lie hidden there.

While we’re making the most of the lack of snow, when there are so few outdoor winter sports enthusiasts around, let’s take a trip right into the heart of the Lusatian Mountains. Here, you can set off from the Stožecké sedlo pass towards Pěnkavčí hill and, as the route will be free of cross-country skiers, you can follow that right up to the highest peak in the mountain range – Luž. There’s a viewing tower on the top that’s open all year round, which offers wonderful panoramic views of the beautiful countryside both here in the Czech Republic and into Germany. After the ascent you’ll be rewarded with a fine view of the lovely timbered cottages in the village of Myslivny, where you can also enjoy a bite to eat.

If you prefer to go indoors and get out of the cold, you can warm up your frozen brain cells at iQLandia in Liberec, a four-storey science and entertainment centre with lots of exhibits for boffins of all ages. You can explore the human body and its senses, marvel at the forces of the Earth’s natural elements, or visit the iQPlanetarium, which offers some fascinating projections about space and our planet every weekend. However, if exercising your mind is not enough to warm you up, enjoy some adrenalin action playing the Laser Game at the Centrum Babylon, which is literally just a few steps away. Take along your family or friends and venture into a post-apocalyptic world!

History and architecture buffs are sure to love the state Zákupy Chateau. This is open to the public during the winter from Tuesday to Sunday and offers in-depth tours four times a day. The winter circuit includes a look at the suite of archduchess Marie Theresa, the historical kitchen, and also the imperial elevator and the ground floor of the chateau. And while you’re visiting Zákupy, take a circular stroll along the town’s Forest Nature Trail, which tells you about the forests and nature, as well as the history and interesting facts about the municipality and places nearby in Máchův kraj.

And as we’re missing out on the glitter of fresh snow outside, what about enjoying some sparkly jewellery instead? The Garnet Gallery in Turnov offers an exhibition dedicated to the unique Czech garnet and holds guided tours for visitors showing how it is mined and worked into jewellery stones. And if you’re literally dazzled by this stone – and we’re sure you will be – you can buy some of the products on offer and take something unique home with you. However, if the gleam of glass is more your style, visit the Museum of Glass – Novosad and Son Glassworks in Harrachov, the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou or the Ajeto Glassmaker Tavern in Lindava, where besides enjoying a good meal you can also step into the glassmaker’s shoes and make yourself an original souvenir. So come and shine on with us!

Whether you fancy doing something more active in our region or prefer to simply relax. The Liberec Region is always the perfect choice! So, for more tips and information, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (REGION LIBEREC), Instagram (@regionliberec) and visit our website, at We look forward to seeing you whatever the weather!


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