Tips for valentine trips

Valentine’s Day is closer than it seems, and you still have no idea how to spend this day with your significant other? Don’t feel so blue we are here for you!

Liberec Region has your back even on Valentine’s Day and offers a great amount of places which you will definitely fall in love with. Invite those closest to your heart on a romantic walk in the Mácha Region, treat yourselves to candlelit dinner in the heart of Lužice Mountains and the Czech Paradise, or relax together in a private wellness in the Giant Mountains.

Mácha Region. There is hardly anything more romantic than this region, which amazed even one of the greatest Czech poets – Karel Hynek Mácha. Scenic hills, sandstone rocks, castles, and most importantly ponds create a unique place which steals every visitor’s heart. Spend Valentine’s Day on a nice walk around the Mácha’s Lake. On your way you can admire the view on Břehyně pond and visit The Swamp National Nature Reserve, which is hidden among dense pine forests. If the one of a kind Mácha Region amazes you up to the point when you want to have it all in the palm of your hand, then climb the hill Borný by the pond’s shore. From there you will see the wide surroundings, which you will definitely love.

You can also begin your special moments in the Besedice Rocks in the Czech Paradise, which are the equivalent to a labyrinth of romantic sandstone rocks. Walk through the Kalich or Chléviště rock mazes with dazzling views and make sure that when you are together, you will always find a way out. You can touch the clouds once you climb the non-traditional Špička lookout tower in the Jizera Mountains or the landmark of Liberec Region – Ještěd. There your prize will be a breath-taking view into both known and unknown places all while you can enjoy a variety of dishes served by the local restaurant and bistro.

If you believe that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, spoil yourselves with dinner in the Kovárna Frýdštejn restaurant. You can enjoy delicious cuisine together with premium wine from Czech and foreign vineyards. For creating the best atmosphere, the restaurant also offers a small private room where you can enjoy your candlelit meal with your loved ones in privacy. While visiting the calm Lužice Mountains, you cannot leave out Jitravský Dvorec which’s restaurant comes prepared with a Valentine menu. Do not miss out on this opportunity to fall in love with dishes prepared with ingredients from the local bio farm.

With Valentine’s Day come many Valentine events. If you do not want to miss out on your physical activity, then visit the Liberec swimming pool. A discount entry offer will be waiting there for you together with a sauna and a little surprise. You and your significant other can then spend ice skating the evening away in the Home Credit Arena. Not only skates, but also an ice-bar with prosecco located in the rink will be awaiting you there. If you want a more cultural programme for your evening, make sure to visit the F.X. Šaldy Theater to see the Čardášová princezna operetta, in which you will witness a great love story. Or if you prefer a laugh story, then visit the Frýdlant cinema to see the Ani o den dýl! play. In the Glass Museum of Nový Bor you can admire the beauty of the Czech treasure during the lasting exhibition Sklo Františka Jungwirta.

Would you and your loved one rather spend your time relaxing? Then the Novosad & syn beer spa in Harrachov is the ideal choice for you. In a quaint atmosphere you will enjoy a deserved relaxation with beer and its degustation from the local brewery. You can add a massage to the experience, which will relax your body and mind. For the best Valentine’s Day possible, find accommodation in the Pytloun Wellness Hotel Harrachov, where you can, after prior reservation, enjoy a luxurious stay in the best rooms with the options of private wellness and massage.

The Liberec Region is a place which simply steals your heart not only on Valentine’s Day. Fall in love with us every day of the year and for more tips, follow our Facebook (REGION LIBEREC), Instagram (@regionliberec) and website

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