Invisible history of Liberec and its surroundings

Take a look at the known and unknown history of Liberec with us!

Based on the number of residents it is the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic, located between the Ještěd-Kozák ridge and the Jizera Mountains - that is Liberec. Home to many cultural-historic monuments and centre of entertainment and culture in the Liberec region. Liberec is the birthplace to famous celebrities, writers, actors, and singers who made this unique city famous. Liberec is also a birthplace to Ještěd which is a hotel and a transmitter built in a unique shape of rotational hyperboloid and this year is the 50th anniversary of this symbol guarding Liberec from above.

We will gladly present this and much more to you in our section on history – Invisible history. In the series of articles that we will prepare for you over the next few weeks, we have focused on the most historically interesting topics that will guide you through the history of the city Liberec. You can look forward to learning about history of the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic – yes, of course, we are talking about Liberec Zoo.

The beginnings of the zoo relate to the activity of Liberec Ornithological Association. The historically first aviary was built behind the restaurant in Lidové sady in the year 1902. We will talk about some historical milestones in detail. These milestones relate to the development of the zoo, and we will introduce the directors who were responsible for this success.

Our next historical stop will be the already mentioned icon towering over the city of Liberec – Ještěd. In the past there were only stone crosses on the peak of the mountain. The first one was allegedly built already in the year 1737. Before the hotel and transmitter were built, there was Rohan’s cottage standing in their place instead. Unfortunately, this cottage burned down. Today's unique image of a hotel with a transmitter was designed by the architect Karel Hubáček, who managed to design such a unique shape, which is nowadays known even beyond the borders of Liberec.

We will also mention the oldest cable car, which is currently out of service due to a tragic accident in October 2022. Let’s remind ourselves the beginnings of this cable car which had been in use since 1933 and underwent many extensive renovations, making it favourite tourist attraction.

Ještěd shopping centre, does it ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about the former shopping centre which stood in the place of the current shopping mall OC Fórum. This centre was razed down in the year 2009 and at the same place the new shopping and entertainment centre OC Fórum was built. In the year 1961 an architectural competition was announced, the first step, however, was to cancel the tram connection between Rochlice and Růžodol I. In the article we will talk about how it actually happened.

What was the tram transportation in Liberec like? Public transport of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou can be proud of their tradition which has been going on for over a hundred years. The tram transport between these two cities is dated to the year 1897. Liberec is currently one of the 7 cities that operate the tram transport.

The best for the end! We will end our section with important markets, exhibitions and events which took place in Liberec in the past.


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