Spring in Liberec Region

Where else to spend your sunny spring days than in Jizera Mountains. You can get the best possible views from our lookout towers. And there is plenty of them! We cannot forget the important anniversary of the protected landscape park Jizera Mountains. It has been 55 years since the first opening of this park. But do not let it fool you! The park was announced as a protected one in 1967 but it came into effect a year later.

And now about the lookout towers. We have another birthday one here! Our lookout pride of Ještěd from which you can see the whole Liberec celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A diverse view on Liberec is also provided by the lookout tower Císařský kámen. Close to the Příchovice village, you can also visit the lighthouse of Jára Cimrman, where there is a museum of this traveller, genius, and inventor. We cannot forget to mention the queen of the Jizera Mountains, our octagonal stone lookout tower Štěpánka.

We are awaiting the warm spring days in the Jizera Mountains and nature is blooming in the Giant Mountains. Where else to go to see lovely spring flowers than the Giant Mountains national park. Which also celebrates an anniversary this year – 60 years since its declaration. White spring snowflakes bloom here. The first of our tips is the Sklenářovické Údolí, which you can reach by following the yellow path from Mladé Buky.

If you have had enough of snow over winter, definitely do not visit the mountain tops. However, we invite you to the Giant Mountains cities where snow has mostly melted.

Harrachov, a lovely mountain city with a glass factory and a beer brewery, attracts you for some trips. Glass factory and brewery Novosad & son offers a connection between pleasant and useful. The museum exhibits a collection of historic glass and offers a look into a unique, hundred years old glass cutting department, which is powered by transmissions and a water turbine. Very pleasant is also a beer spa, which is a part of the hotel. The main ingredient of the bath is 5 litres of light and 5 litres of brown unfiltered unpasteurised yeast beer and crushed hops.

In the Mácha region culture is coming to life. When visiting, you cannot forget a trip to the Bezděz castle, which is a symbol of the whole region. A special spring programme for parents with kids is prepared by a fencing group Parchanti, which will show a true fencing fight underlined by a story called One land, one king. Coming this spring as brand new are rare woodcarvings from a crusade. They will be exhibited since this year. The Houska castle, the Doksy castle or the castle in Zákupy will also be opened from April and luring tourists in with their magic.

Tourists which have visited the Bohemian Paradise will definitely appreciate the practical flipbook. What exactly is it? It is an electronic guide which can be found on the website of the Bohemian Paradise. The guide recommends 28 tips for hikes and a variety of bike tracks thanks to which you can explore both the known and unknown beauties of this region. Brand new are also tips for wheelchair accessible trips, which are great for disabled people or mothers with prams.

And if you want a really good recommendation, then visit the Dlaskův statek farm in Dolánky by Turnov. Here you can get the real experience of folk architecture. A permanent exhibition will be opened here in April called From spring to winter, which will be dedicated to traditional agriculture in Pojizeří.

Did you know that the Lužice Mountains can be proud of its own zoo? It is located in the Malevil resort and it is opened for the whole year. You can go see llamas, goats, parrots, and many other animals. Enjoy a fun afternoon with both your human and animal friends.

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