Fickle weather can’t stop us

Morning rain, a sunny afternoon, and a couple of snowflakes in the evening. Frost and sun keep switching and temperatures have a daily race to see which one can last on the thermometer the longest.

Even though a comfortable rest in the warmth of your home may seem like the better option, the Liberec Region has prepared tons of activities which will lift you up from your sofa. So, let’s look at them!

If you’ve wanted to visit the Giant Mountains for some time now, then now is the perfect opportunity to visit Harrachov as it offers plenty of activities both for snow and sunny days. If the sun is out, then definitely take a walk to Čertova hora to witness nature coming back to life from its winter sleep. If the weather isn’t siding with you, you don’t need to worry. With Harrachov comes the wild bobsleigh track. And not even the fickle weather can stop it! Thanks to its heated trough and fast drying you can enjoy it even with dark clouds above your head.

You will encounter the undecisive weather even in the rainiest region of the Czech Republic – The Jizera Mountains. Even though the rainy days are not exactly the best invite for a walk, let’s take some advantage of it still. If it’s raining for a long time, the Jizera Mountains creeks come to life and become wild swift ones. Go and visit the steep hillsides of Frýdlantské cimbuří and let the fierce beauty of the Černý potok waterfall amaze you. Then follow the Kozí stezka towards the Štolpich waterfalls, which are one of the most romantic places in the Jizera Mountains. Here you will definitely realise that raindrops can also be truly magical.

Don’t forget to enjoy the Lužice Mountains in their crystal light. With the first rainbow day of the year, the regular trains going on the Sklářská lokálka lane from Česká Kamenice to Kamenický Šenov are back in service. If you want to either take shelter from the rain or enjoy the view of the landscapes bathed in sun, then come aboard the diesel train which can offer you irresistible views of the Zámecký vrch and its surroundings. In Kamenický Šenov you can then warm up in the historical Jílek glass factory and maybe blow out something from glass on your own.

The fickle weather doesn’t have to mean only chaos and uncertainty. With April also comes the beginning of the main tourist season and with that, our beautiful castles and palaces become open again. Your steps should lead to the Mácha Region, where the Bezděz castle will welcome you from the 1st of April. The castle had prepared many new things for its visitors as well as some events. Aside from the regular tours, the visitors can expect a special easter wood carvings exhibition in the chapel or a night tour with accompanying programme.

You shouldn’t skip on visiting the fairy tale city of Jičín in the Bohemian Paradise, where dreams become a reality. While it is freezing outside, take a look inside the world of fantasies and fairy tales and visit Rumcajsova ševcovna. There you can meet the family of Rumcajs, visit the playroom of Cipísek, Manka’s herb garden, or the true shoemaker’s workshop. From a fairy tale you can then go straight to the game world, where an interactive exhibition Muzeum hry will welcome you. It is a part of the Regional museum and gallery of Jičín. There, you can get to know something about the history and nature of Jičín, make your own walking stick like the one Albrecht of Valdštejn had, or you can try out the haptic cabinet and explore the exhibit only with the use of your touch.

If you are a bit of a cunning fox, we have a recommendation for you! Outsmart the fickle weather and visit IQ Landia in Liberec. In the Elements permanent exhibition the weather changes faster than outside. Find yourself in the middle of a windstorm, test your balance in the middle of an earthquake, learn the strength of the Sun or listen to the symphony of lightning. The weather you wish for awaits you here.

Whether you plan to go outside and hunt for the first snowflake flowers or you want to hide from the unpleasant weather in a fairy tale world, then visit the Liberec Region, which is always the right decision! For more tips on where to visit don’t forget to follow our Facebook (REGION LIBEREC), Instagram (@regionliberec), and our websites We look forward to your visit, no matter the weather!


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