Clarion De luxe pokoj, author: Clarion Liberec

There´s no place like home, but why stay there all the time? Pack your luggage, take your family and friends with you and come and visit us. There are plains, hills, mountains, rocks, water and woods to choose from. Would you like to enjoy some peace and quiet or a vibrant city life? Nothing is impossible here. There is such a wide range of accommodation in the Liberec Region that we have a lot to offer to lovers of spartan simplicity by the campfire as well as to those who prefer the utmost comfort where their every need is taken care of.

Would you like to visit the Liberec Region, but you do not know where exactly to go? You may get an idea by looking at its different areas: Bohemian Paradise, the Jizera Mountains, the Giant Mountains, the Lusetian Mountains and the Macha Region. You can also choose a specific town or municipality.

The accommodation is superbly complemented by the selection of services, family attractions and adventures. Please remember that the sooner you book your accommodation, the greater the possibility of finding accommodation that matches your wishes.