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Lovers of tight cycling clothing, helmets and bicycles will feel like they are in paradise here. In the summer months, you can cycle along trails that are conquered by cross-country skiers in wintertime. The Jizera Mountains Main Ski Trail won’t disappoint, as all paths are in perfect condition, and it’s only up to you which section you’ll go for.

The Česká Lípa area and the area around Kamenický Šenov are a little less hilly and offer more leisurely flat-surface routes. The Ploučnice and Varhany cycle paths are among the popular routes and will take you through the picturesque Lusatian Mountains. Don’t pass up the chance to visit Bohemian Paradise, as it’s a place where you can enjoy the Jizera Greenway and trails passing through rock cities.

Adrenaline enthusiasts will surely appreciate bike parks where you can test your cycling skills. The bike park right next to Ještěd offers tracks with four different levels of difficulty. You and your bike can get to the starting point in a very short time using the Skalka chairlift throughout the whole summer season. You can go wild in the Rokytnice nad Jizerou bike park, which has three trails with various difficulty levels ranging from a trail for beginners to a very difficult one.

Not a bicycle owner? No problem! In this region, you’ll find a bicycle rental shop on almost every corner. Here, you can also hire all kinds of other bicycle equipment for a small fee. Scooters are a pleasant alternative to bicycles, are increasingly gaining in popularity and can also be easily hired. Their biggest advantage is the fact that they are stable it’s hard to fall off them, so they’re great for use by very young kids.

To make things easier for you, we have done most of the work and have prepared set trips for you, a description of which you can print at home. You can just tick whatever you need.

To make things easier for you, we have done most of the work and have prepared set trips for you, a description of which you can print at home. You can just tick whatever you need.


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Along Hadovka

RynolticeThe forest path Hadovka into the foothills of the Lusatian Mountains. Cycle routes

Along the Deer Path

SmrzovkaAlong the Deer Path to Lookouttower. Cycle routes

Along the Ještěd Ridge

LiberecA bike ride from the centre of Liberec to the top of Ještěd and back, which will reward you with some unforgettable views of the ...Cycle routes

Along the Ploučnice Cycle Trail

KrizanyFollow the new cycle path to the beauty of Česká Lípa region. Cycle routes

An easy ride to Chrastava

LiberecThis short and easy trip is ideal for anyone who fancies a bit of a ride, without wearing themselves out. Cycle routes

Around Jablonec

Jablonec nad NisouA pleasant, although given the height difference quite a tough circuit ride along the local roads and bike trails around Jablonec and the “Jablonec Sea”. ...Cycle routes

Around Tanvald

TanvaldNot so frequented by tourists, but no less beautiful route leading along side roads, will delight many cyclists. However, when choosing a road bike, take ...Cycle routes

Around the Libverda viewpoints

Lazne LibverdaAn easy trip around several viewpoints, which are closely watched over by their wooden guards. Along the way you’ll see the Hejnice Madonna and the ...Cycle routes

Around the ridge of the Černá Studnice lookout tower

SmrzovkaA bike trip around the Nisa spring and a goat farm in Pěnčín. Where to go

Around the stream Zlatník

TanvaldA bike trip around the birthplace of Antal Stašek and around the Štěpánka lookout tower. Where to go

Around the Vlašský ridge

KorenovRelaxing bike trip from Mořina, through Smědava, with a view of the Soušská dam. Where to go

Bike Park in Špindlerův Mlýn

Spindleruv MlynThe popular Bike Park in Špindlerův Mlýn is located directly in the Svatý Petr resort. In the summer you can try one of the six ...Cycle routes
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