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The feeling of pulling down a golf cap over your head, putting on a golf glove and walking onto a green is highly addictive.

There is a plethora of golf courses in the Czech Republic, but only here in the Liberec Region can you find the highest altitude course – in Harrachov. Their Golf Club, located at an elevation of 730 metres above sea level, is surrounded by beautiful nature found in the western part of the Krkonoše.

Malevil Royal Golf Club provides an 18-hole golf course, surrounded by gorgeous deep forests and the typical cones of the Lusatian hills. Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec offers a golf course built to championship specifications. Liberec Golf Club stretches across an impressive 40 hectares, currently has 18 standard holes, covered and uncovered driving ranges for practice and a training putting green.

The more demanding golfers will have truly enjoy (so we are told) one of the most beautiful Czech natural courses, Ještěd Golf Club. As the name suggests, the course is located on a sun-lit site below Ještěd, your silent partner throughout the game. The course is technically demanding and harbours a range of water obstacles and difficult terrain. Grabštejn Golf Course is one golf course where absolute beginners can discover the mysteries of the game of golf and start actively pursuing it.

Will you play golf, practise at the driving ranges or indoor golf simulators?


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Adventure Golf Liberec

LiberecSquash arena Liberec invites golf lovers to outdoor Adventure Golf Liberec or indoor golf. Golf

Cross Country Golf Chateau Berštejn

DubaCross Country Golf is a part of the Chateau Berštejn and is situated in town Nový Berštejn, in region Macha´s Area. Golf

Golf Club Grabštejn

Hradek nad NisouOne of the golf courses that enables beginners to discover the magic of golf and start playing it actively is situated in Grabštejn. Golf

Golf Club Harrachov

HarrachovThis is the highest elevated golf course in Bohemia (730 metres above sea level). It is located in the middle of beautiful western Krkonoše. The ...Golf

Golf Club Ještěd

Cesky DubThe golf premises are situated in the picturesque environment of the southern foot of the ridge of Ještěd. Golf

Golf Club Jicin

Jicin Golf

Golf Club Liberec

LiberecThe Golf Club Liberec offers a wide scope of professional services in the beautiful golf resort in Liberec. Golf

Golf Club Semily

SemilyThe Golf Club in Semily was founded in 1963. In 1970, the construction of the golf course on the left bank of the Jizera River ...Golf

Indoor Golf Centre Liberec

LiberecAcademy for adults and children. Golf

Royal Golf Club Malevil

Jablonne v PodjestediThe Royal Golf Club Malevil is situated in Jablonné v Podještědí. Golf

Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec

MnisekThe Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec is situated not far from Liberec, at the Fojtka Reservoir. The golf resort with master parameters was developed in the ...Golf