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What is the best way to explore the places you haven’t been to yet? On foot. You can rest assured that you won’t be able to do it all in the course of just one summer. There are more than 2,680 km of marked hiking trails in the region, so we can’t describe them all here. Instead, we will select a few which shouldn’t be missed. Our trails are well marked, as are all the other ones throughout the rest of the Czech Republic, therefore you need not worry about getting lost. Fuel your body with a hearty breakfast, put your hiking boots on and set off to the great outdoors. Admittedly, it’s somewhat hilly around here, but you’ll be rewarded with great views, improved fitness and unforgettable experiences.

The long-distance Hřebenovka path is one of the most popular trails, which goes from Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland to the Giant Mountains. We recommend that you divide the route up since its total length is approximately 140 km.

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise goes through precious natural landmarks, rock cities and romantic valleys past log houses, castles, chateaux and lookout towers. Its total length is 119 km and it meanders from Mladá Boleslav through Drábské Světničky, Kost, Trosky, Hrubá Skála, Turnov, Frýdštejn, Kozákov up to Jičín. 

The trails in the Ralsko Geopark, which were closed to the public for a long time due to them being in a military zone, are also now on hikers’ radar.

Real hiking gurus will surely appreciate the Jizera Mountains Main Ski Trail, which goes past lookout towers, peat bogs, rock viewpoints affording long-distance views, waterfalls, beechwood and picturesque villages.

Tourists are attracted to the Giant Mountains due to their far-reaching views, unique flora and fauna, famous peaks and the diversity of their terrain, which will surely satisfy both demanding and recreational tourists. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that a large section of the region is located in the Giant Mountains National Park; it’s therefore imperative that the visitor rules are adhered to.

There is an increasing number of trails within the whole region that have been designed with people with reduced mobility in mind. By this we don’t just mean physically disabled people, including those in wheelchairs, but also senior citizens and families with young children and prams. The most accessible trails have been marked for their use.

In order to make travelling easier, we’ve prepared some trip tips for you that you can print out at home and carry in your pocket on your trip. Please see below.

Those who prefer online communication can receive these tips via the free-of-charge ‘Liberec Region Guide’ application.

Phew, there are so many trails to choose from – are you confused about which one to choose first? Then tick only those you’re interested in.


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