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They say that the most beautiful view of the world is to be had from the saddle of a horse. In our region, you’ll find many farms where you can test this theory out for yourself.

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BosenThe village with timbered architecture and the Church of St. Václav is situated near Mnichovo Hradiště, about 1 km below Valečov Castle. Towns

Čikvásky Horse Riding Station

KostalovThe Čikvásky riding station is situated in the lovely surroundings of the Czech Paradise. Horse riding

Dvůr Borčice Hippodrome

VsenThe Dvůr Borčice hippodrome is an ecological ranch specializing in horse breeding. Horse riding

Farm Vrchovany

VrchovanyFarm is situated in town Vrchovany, in region Macha´s Area (Machuv kraj). Ranches, agricultural tourism

Hnanice Stable

Hruba SkalaThe Hnanice stable offers horse riding in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech Paradise. Horse riding

Horse riding station Ranch Srbsko

KnezmostRanch Srbsko is located near the ranch Komárovský pond in the tourist region of Czech Paradise. Ranch Srbsko offers accommodation for adults and children, who ...

Hucul Mountain Ranch

VitkoviceThe Hucul ranch is situated on the flank of Janova hora (John\\\'s mountain), in the village of Vítkovice v Krkonoších. Horse riding

Javorník Riding Society

Cesky DubThe Javorník riding society is situated in the village of Javorník near Český Dub. Horse riding

Jezdecký klub Liberec (Jockey Club)

LiberecThe large area of the horsy club offers facilities for many activities, from those related to horses - stables, rides, through sports activities - volleyball, ...Horse riding

Prašný Dvůr Stable and Riding School

LiberecThe Prašný Dvůr stable has been providing horse rides since 1990. Horse riding

Riding area Farm PCT Ptýrov

PtyrovRiding area and riding school is a part of the Farm PCT Ptýrov and is situated in town Ptýrov, close to city Mnichovo Hradiště, in ...Horse riding

Riding hall Žák

Horni BukovinaRiding hall Žák is situated close to city Mnichovo Hradiště, in town Horní Bukovina, in region Bohemian Paradise. Horse riding
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