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Concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and fairs. There are so many events all year round that you won’t know where to start. Our calendar can help you with your planning – all you have to do is have a look and take your pick.

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50km ski race Jizerská padesátka

BedrichovA traditional ski race in Bedřichov usually takes place in January. Annual evets

Beer celebrations Harrachov

HarrachovTraditional beer celebrations are held in July on the whole of the premises of the Harrachov glass factory and mini-brewery. Here, you have the opportunity ...Annual evets

Easter market on Běliště

Zelezny BrodEaster in Běliště v Železném Brodě is regularly accompanied by a traditional market, where it is possible to buy wares with Easter motifs – ceramics, ...Annual evets

European cultural heritage day

Jablonec nad NisouSeptember, European cultural heritage day. Annual evets

Euroregion Tour

Jablonec nad NisouEuroregion Tour is an annual fair of tourist trade which takes place in March in the Eurocentre of Jablonec. It is a milieu for the ...Annual evets

Festival Crossing over - a Dream of the Jizerské mountains, Smržovka

SmrzovkaThe Crafts Fair of Smržovka and the Day of Food of the Jizerské Mountains are both annually held in May in the town of Smoržovka. ...Annual evets

Festivities of Wallenstein

JicinThe Festivities of Wallenstein are historical festivities associated with the Duke Albrecht of Wallenstein. The cultural programme which they offer is most rewarding. The festivities ...Annual evets

Glassworkers’ celebrations in Nový Bor

Novy BorThe glassworkers’ celebrations are held in recognition of the traditional craft of glassmaking. A glassworkers’ market is erected right on the Mírové square in Nový ...Annual evets

International Day of Monuments and Historical Residences

LiberecThe International Day of Monuments and Historical Residences is celebrated annually in April. In our region, this celebration is traditionally connected to the castle of ...Annual evets

International rally of percussionists Smržovka

SmrzovkaPercussionists from around the world regularly gather in October at Smržovka, and let various percussion instruments ring. Annual evets

Jičín, the town of fairy tales

JicinJičín, the town of fairy tales is a traditional cultural festival regularly held in September. During this one-week festival enjoyed by children and adults alike ...Annual evets

Lomnice’s musical Spring Festival

Lomnice nad PopelkouLomnice nad Popelkou is annually the scene of a traditional festival of music, dance and singing for children and youngsters up to 19 years of ...Annual evets
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