Zoos and Botanic Gardens

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Liberec Zoo is the oldest zoo in former Czechoslovakia. It houses around 170 species of animals, one of which is the unique Bengal white tiger that you cannot see anywhere else in this country. You can also enjoy the cute red pandas, snow leopards, Asian elephants and Rothschild giraffes. It’s open all year round!

Dvůr Králové Zoo boasts the greatest number of housed African animals in Europe. Here you can see rhinoceroses, zebras, buffaloes and a few species of antelopes with your own eyes. This is the Czech Republic’s only zoo offering African safaris; it operates between May and September. Visitors can take a ride on a specially adapted double decker safari bus and go past free-roaming animals and beasts of prey. Newly introduced in 2015 is an adrenaline-raising lion safari!

If you prefer flora to fauna, take your family to the oldest botanical gardens in the Czech Republic, which is located in Liberec. Among the most popular species here is the longest growing bonsai in Europe, a giant collection of carnivorous plants and orchids, and an large aquarium.

You can also see fish in Česká Lípa. Around 80 species of tropical fish from all over the world swim in the aquarium.


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