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technické památky
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Do you like technological sites with moving parts and interesting mechanisms? Then you will really enjoy the Liberec Region!

Near the village of Chřibská, you can see the original equipment of a spice mill that has been located there since 1884. Oldřich Prášil´s Mill in Železnice is a great example of the craftsmanship of local millers, carpenters and engineers. History can be witnessed in Podsemínský Mill with a Francis turbine and in the water mill in Roztoky u Semil, which is 300 years old. Světlík wind mill is one of the largest preserved wind mills in the Czech Republic. If you would like to see a running water turbine, visit the interactive exhibition in the Museum of Energy in Velké Hamry.

A very popular attraction is the only Czech rack railway, which lies on the steepest section from Tanvald to Kořenov. The museum railway from Česká Kamenice to Kamenický Šenov is 4.5 km long and the private garden railway in Skalsko is 500 metres.

The village of Kryštofovo Údolí boasts a unique sundial with an astronomical clock and 21 wooden statues. The adit of St. John the Evangelist in Jiřetín documents that silver was once mined here. If you would like to take a brewery tour with beer sampling, you can do so in Cvikov, Frýdlant and Hrubý Rohozec.

A private museum of Jawa vintage motorcycles in Rabakov offers a comprehensive Jawa collection from 1929 to 2006. The V.I.T.V.A.R. Car Gallery in Nová Paka presents historic cars and motorcycles.

The more courageous can try the suspended gallery along Riegrova trail in a rocky canyon of the Jizera River, located 5.5 metres above the river’s surface. The covered wooden bridge in Bystrá nad Jezerou can be crossed by foot, on bike or even by car.

Rise to the clouds in observatories that you can find in Jičín, Mladá Boleslav and Turnov. The very first sledding track opened in Smržovka as early as 1912; its rarity is a 400-degree curve. Races are organized here both in summer and in winter.

In Kořenov, below the Štepánka lookout tower, you can see an exhibition of light fortification either with a guide or alone. You can learn a lot of information about the history and presence of civil defense in the Liberec underground corridors.

Finally, you can take a picture with a small Martian who is waiting for other extraterrestrials next to the Ještěď mountain hotel, which by itself looks a little like a spaceship.

 A large number of technological sites are associated with railways or crafts. We have organized them into categories. 


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Clam-Gallas manor brew-house

FrydlantThis old brewery is situated on the banks of the river Smědá right under the Frýdlant castle. It is quite an extensive complex of buildings ...Engineering monuments

Coal and water storage tower

LiberecThis remarkable building, which is most often simply referred to as Zauhlovačka, was constructed in Vratislavice in 1916-19 during the First World War by Italian ...Engineering monuments

Černá Nisa Dam

BedrichovThe dam is situated in a forest valley of the Černá Nisa River near Bedřichov. Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Harrachov ski jumps

HarrachovThe famous premises that comprise five ski jumps are located at the northern slope of Čertova Hora in Harrachov. Engineering monuments

Hydroelectric Power Station, Liberec-Rudolfov

LiberecThe hydroelectric power station in Rudolfov in the Jizera Mountains can be found on the outskirts of Liberec by the road to Bedřichov. Engineering monuments

Ještěd - TV transmitter

LiberecThe unique structure on the top of Mount Ještěd is considered the dominating feature of Liberec and the region. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Klášter Brewery

Klaster Hradiste nad JizerouOriginally a Cistercian monastery, it was rebuilt in the 19th century into a brewery. Breweries

Liberec - Ještěd Aerial Cableway (out of order)

LiberecThe cable car to Ještěd is out of order until further notice. Transport

Liberec air-raid shelter

LiberecGuided tour and an exhibition of the Liberec air-raid shelter dedicated to the history and the present of civil defence. Engineering monuments

Liberec Regional Research Library

LiberecThe building of the Regional Research Library was built under the patronage of the presidents of the Czech Republic, V. Havel, and Germany, R. Herzog, ...Theatres

Museum Railway between Česká Kamenice and Kamenický Šenov

Kamenicky SenovThe 4.5 km long historic railway between Česká Kamenice and Kamenický Šenov is one of the attractive destinations in the region. Engineering monuments

Obří Sud - Giant Barrel

Lazne LibverdaThe tourist restaurant is situated in a real wooden barrel. Later, another building was added. Engineering monuments
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