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Even though we labelled them as others, they’re certainly not uninteresting... Let’s see, did you know that in our region, you can play a great game of tennis and volleyball, can go paragliding or get sweaty in a gym?

Fishing lovers, rock climbers and future Wimbledon stars will certainly have a great time here


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Airport Česká Lípa

Ceska LipaThe airport in Česká Lípa offers flying for the public and a flying school. Aerial sports

Airport Hodkovice nad Mohelkou - Aeroclub Hodkovice

Hodkovice nad MohelkouThe Aeroklub Hodkovice offers circular flights over the attractive surroundings of the airport. Aerial sports

Airport Liberec

LiberecTake a sightseeing flight over Liberec and its surroundings. Take a bird`s eye view of the sights of the region. Aerial sports

Airport Lomnice nad Popelkou

Lomnice nad PopelkouThe airport in Lomnice nad Popelkou is situated at the edge of the town. Aerial sports

Badminton - Sport Park Liberec

LiberecThere are 5 badminton courts in the Sport Park Liberec. Other sports

Beach club Harcov-Liberec

Liberec Other sports

Beach Volley Vratislavice

Liberec Other sports

Boulder Point

LiberecMacaque Boulder is one of the largest and most modern boulder walls in the Czech Republic. Both performance climbers and complete amateurs who want to ...Climbing

Climbing Area Hruboskalsko

Hruba SkalaThe central area named Skalák is considered the cradle of Czech sandstone climbing. Climbing

Climbing Areas Suché Skály and Vranovský Hřeben

Mala SkalaThe very popular rock locality is recommended for experienced climbers. Climbing

Climbing arena (Horolezecká aréna)

LiberecClimbing wall in the former quarry. Right in the city center - 5 minutes by walk from the central station "Fügnerova". Climbing

Climbing Arena Makak Climbing, Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad NisouThe climbing arena is situated in the Makak climbing building in Jablonec nad Nisou. Climbing
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