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Do you want to know all the places where you can find Protected Landscape Areas or Nature Parks? Take a look at our list.

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Borný Hill

DoksyThe hill named Borný is a basalt hill, elevated 446 metres above sea level. Places of natural interest

Brada Hill

Brada-RybnicekA relaxation and viewing point above the village of Brada. Places of natural interest

Břehyně-Pecopala Nature Preserve

DoksyThe national nature preserve is situated to the northeast and east from Máchovo Lake. Places of natural interest

Bukovina Arboretum

KarloviceIt is situated at the platform of Hruboskalsko, at the Golden Trail of Český Ráj, not far from Hrubá Skála Castle. Places of natural interest

Černá Hora Mountain

Janske LazneMount Černá Hora rises above Janské Lázně. Places of natural interest

Důl Bílého Labe

Spindleruv MlynThe Důl Bílého Labe is a ragged valley of glacial origin that is 7 km long. Places of natural interest

Dutý Kámen Nature Preserve

CvikovThe Dutý Kámen nature preserve is located to the east from Cvikov. The noteworthy geological phenomenon - in English: Hollow Rock, is sandstone decomposed into ...Places of natural interest

Educatieve route Dubsko-Kokořínsko

Bela pod BezdezemDer Lehrpfad Dubsko - Kokořínsko führt Sie durch die abwechslungsreiche Landschaft um die Stadt Dubá Places of natural interest

Forest Theatre, Sloup v Čechách

Sloup v CechachThe Forest Theatre was built in a shallow rocky lowered area at the south-west base of the Na Stráži sandstone buttress, about 0.5 km to ...Theatres

Hill Káčov

Mnichovo HradisteHill Káčov, 350 m, is a natural place of interest. It is a volcanic basaltic vein situated at the confluence of the rivers Mohelka and ...Places of natural interest

Hill Luž

KrompachThe well-visible, conical mountain named Luž, elevated 793 metres above sea level, is the highest point of the Lužické Hory. It is situated at the ...Places of natural interest

Huťský Waterfall

Rokytnice nad JizerouThe water at the Huťský Waterfall drops 20 m down. The waterfall is supplied by the Huťský Potok whose source is under the Dvoračky tourist ...Lakes, reservoirs and water courses
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