Folk architecture

lidova architektura
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Log and half-timbered houses, bell towers and folk architecture. Treasures that display the skills of woodcarvers, carpenters and local citizen. Many of them are open all year round, many of them only on special occasions, such as the Days of Folk Architecture in July.

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Bítouchovská Zvonička - Belfry

SemilyThe little belfry with an onion-shaped dome, covered with shingle, is one of the most significant monuments of folk architecture in the region of the ...Religious monuments

Dlask farm

TurnovThe museum farmhouse called Dlaskův statek is a typical example of traditional architecture in the region of the Jizera River. Museums and galleries

Educational round trail in Trávníky

Zelezny BrodThe educational round trail takes tourists to the historic environment of timbered and curbed buildings in the monument zone and monument reserve named Trávníky that ...Folk architecture

Folk architecture in Sobotka

SobotkaNowhere in the region will you find as many typical wooden structures as in the Sobotka area. Folk architecture

Folk architecture in Žďár

DoksyFolk architecture in Žďár is a complex of one and two-floor curbed houses in the village-square and close streets. Folk architecture

Folk architecture Příšovice

PrisoviceThe museum farmhouses Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek are wonderful examples of traditional timbered buildings in Příšovice. Folk architecture

Hunting chateau on Nová Louka - Šámalova chata

BedrichovThe picturesque landmark of Nové Louky was named after the former chancellor Šámal. Folk architecture

Jizerka settlement

KorenovThe picturesque village of Jizerka is situated in the Jizera Mountains. Folk architecture

Karlov Monument Reserve

Lomnice nad PopelkouKarlov, a local part of Lomnice nad Popelkou, was declared a folk architecture preserve. Folk architecture

Klemencovsko, exposition of the Železný Brod Museum

Zelezny BrodThe building named Klemencovsko dates back to 1792. It is the last preserved example of curbed frontage at the square in Železný Brod, the relics ...Folk architecture

Kopic farmhouse

KacanovyThis fabulous timbered house was built at the beginning of the 19th century in the place of a previous old building. In front of it, ...Folk architecture

Log Cabins in Jílovecká Street

SemilyOne of the Semily streets where wooden cabins used to prevail several decades ago is called Jílovecká. To date, only three cottages have been preserved ...Folk architecture
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