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Majestic castles rise above treetops with all their dignity and ensure that the people down below do not forget about their famous history. Let us give you a small taste. The region’s long and rich history is remembered by the many castles and chateaux spread over Bohemian Paradise and Mácha’s region. The main symbol of Bohemian Paradise is the Gothic Trosky Castle ruins with the Baba (Old Woman) and Panna (Virgin) towers, looming on top of basalt rocks. You should also not miss Valdštejn, the oldest castle from the mid-13th century, the mysterious Kost Castle, Humprecht hunting chateau, the fairy-tale Hrubá Skála Chateau and the richly decorated Hrubý Rohozec Chateau. The Sychrov Chateau, featuring the largest collection of French portrait paintings in Central Europe and woodcarving decorations, is one of the most visited sites in the region.

The south-west area of the Liberec Region, known as Mácha’s region, is also very remarkable in terms of historic sites. The historical development of the entire area was influenced by its location, which is along an old trade route to Upper Lusatia. As a result, you can find more than sixty castle ruins that used to guard the route in the territory around Česká Lípa. The best known local site is the royal Gothic Bezděz Castle, founded by Ottokar II of Bohemia, and the Sloup rock castle and hermitage. The chateau in Lemberk, associated with Saint Zdislava, Zákupy Chateau, which used to serve as a summer residence for Ferdinand I of Austria, and Grabštejn Castle with its unique Chapel of St. Barbara, all will certainly charm you.

In the Jizerské hory Mountains, the most significant is Frýdlant Castle and Chateau, which used to be owned by Albrecht von Wallenstein and the Clam-Gallas family, who opened the first castle museum in Europe here in 1801.

The Krkonoše Mountain region is associated with the Harrach family, who once held the Jilemnice dominion starting in the 17th century. The family resided in Jilemnice Chateau.

Did you know that the region offers 51 castles and castle ruins? Don’t waste your time looking for them; just choose whatever most piques your interest.


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Bezděz Castle

BezdezBezděz, once a royal castle, is one of the most significant Gothic monuments in the country. Visitors can admire the royal palace with a unique ...Castles

Castle and chateau Staré Hrady near Jičín

Stare HradyThe castle and chateau of Staré Hrady near Jičína is a unique Renaissance group of buildings with figural sgraffito. The first mention dates back to ...Chateaus

Castle ruins of Hamrštejn

ChrastavaHamrštejn (although it is a ruin of castle) is a popular tourist destination between Liberec and Chrastava. It is well accessible by train (Machnín Hrad ...Castles

Frýdlant Castle and Chateau

FrydlantThe Frýdlant Castle and Chateau is one of the most frequently visited historic buildings in the Czech Republic. Chateaus

Grabštejn Castle and Chateau

Hradek nad NisouGrabštejn Castle was founded in the 13th century. Over the centuries it was rebuilt several times and the later adjustments changed it into a comfortable ...Castles

Houska Castle

BlatceBecause of the original Gothic chapel, Houska is considered a rarity in the Central European region. Castles

Hradiště Klamorna

Mnichovo Hradiste Castles

Chateau Vartenberk (not open to the public)

Straz pod RalskemIn the 13th century, the Gothic Vartenberk castle was built on the site of a guard castle to protect the Zittau Záhvožď trade route. The ...Chateaus

Kokořín Castle

KokorinThe castle was founded at the beginning of the 14th century. In the past, it was rebuilt several times. Today`s appearance is the result of ...Castles

Kost Castle

SobotkaKost Castle is one of the best-preserved Czech castles from the late Gothic period. It was founded in the mid 14th century by Beneš of ...Castles

Lipý Water Castle

Ceska LipaThe original water castle named Lipý comes from the 13th century. Castles

Rock Castle in Oldřichov

Oldrichov v HajichIn the 14th century a rock tower was built on the robust rock in order to keep watch over the merchant route over the mountains. ...Castles
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