Spring in the Bohemian Paradise

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They say that spring in the Bohemian Paradise is perfect. So, we’ve prepared a few tips for places to visit on these sunny spring days.

The Bohemian Paradise has prepared a practical new feature for visitors during the new season, which is sure to be appreciated by all day-trippers, both walkers and bikers – electronic tips for trips, in the form of a flipbook. You can find 28 tips for walks that take you all around this amazing destination. And there’s no need for you cyclists to be sad, as there are even more trips for you. This electronic guide also includes trips to film and fairy-tale settings, such as the backdrop of the famous Goldilocks at Sychrov chateau, or to Jičín in search of the bandit Rumcajs.

On the subject of this fairy-tale character, the World of Rumcajs Gallery is now open again in the Jičín chateau after refurbishment. You can look forward to plenty of interactive elements that enhance the experience and take you right into the tale of Rumcajs the bandit and his family. It might sound like a trip just for children, but parents won’t find this trip boring, as there are two general knowledge quizzes and information about Václav Čtvrtek and Radek Pilař, for whom Jičín is known as the Town of Fairy Tales.

And as spring is finally here and the sun is coming out, let’s head into the countryside. In Dolní Bousov there is a four-kilometre nature trail with plenty of interesting information, while the children are sure to enjoy the adventure game along the way. You can pick up the necessary materials from the information centre or download them from the internet. The trail takes you on a stroll through beautiful countryside, past the ponds of Pivák, Zvolínek, Podlesník and Pískový.  

We’ll stay out in the country and take a visit to Baba and Panna, i.e. to the castle of Trosky. This is the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise, which you can look around individually, without a guide. The view from the top in spring will definitely be worth it!

We have mentioned Sychrov chateau, but this is not the only chateau you can visit in the Bohemian Paradise. There are also tours available at the beautiful Svijany chateau, while beer lovers can enjoy a glass of Svijany. You can also visit Kost castle, which has recently been reconstructed. You’ll see new paving stones, the repaired park wall and the wall of the rock massif. You can now enter the ground floor of the Great Tower, which was previously closed to visitors, and can also see a fascinating 3D projection of a plastic model of Kost castle.

The last tips from us this time around will be fore beautiful views of the countryside. You can admire the Bohemian Paradise Basin if you clamber up to the Kopanina lookout tower near the village of Frýdštejn. Although trees have grown up around this beautiful brick tower over the years, you can still get a good view and we certainly recommend checking it out. Another good tip for a trip is to take a walk up to the Husník viewpoint in Besedické Skály rocks, through the rock labyrinths of Kalich and Chléviště.

And don’t forget to join us in discovering the Bohemian Paradise on social media, where you can find us under @regionliberec. Other great tips for trips can be found on the Bohemian Paradise website - and its social media.

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