Spring in the Jizera Mountains

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Spring is here and after their winter sleep the Jizera Mountains are awaiting their visitors. The mountains are packed with technical and cultural attractions, as well as natural places of interest. We have several tips on where to go in spring.

Spring sees the countryside in full bloom and the beautiful shades of green draw us to the springtime Jizerskohorské bučiny beech forests. It’s no secret that this magical place of ours was the first natural monument in the country to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a great success. We can admire the beauty of the waterfalls, various rock formations, mountain streams and the rugged nature of the Jizera Mountains. You can bike or walk along the Viničná trail, which cuts through the wild northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains and is one of the most beautiful routes in these mountains. A nature trail with six stops also leads along the easy route over the tops.


Nature in full bloom and the little blossoms of spring flowers are an essential part of springtime. If you also enjoy views of these flowers in spring just as much as we do, take a trip to Bledulína Meadow. You can find it in the little village of Předlánce, near Frýdlant. And, if you fancy prolonging your trip in this region, try the circular route through the nearby Smědá Meanders nature reserve.

Frýdlant State Castle and Chateau has made some big changes to its tour route, which was formerly one of the longest in Bohemia. The route will now be divided into the castle and chateau circuits, each of which will take an optimal 60 minutes. However, history lovers are sure to take both tours. Another attraction is the newly opened Weapons, Armour and Knights, which offers guided tours of the castle armoury at weekends, with the option to visit the chateau tower, which was formerly open no more than twice a year. For the little ones there is a special children’s tour, which from this year moves to the chateau and takes children around the castellan wing, the main staircase hall and the children’s room, with the toys that the last owners’ daughters used to play with.

You’ll find the most beautiful views of the spring landscape from the tops of our lookout towers and the Jizera Mountains are famous for the diversity and heights of their viewpoints. First off, we have the landmark of Ještěd, from where you can see the whole of Liberec. You can also get a fine view of Liberec and the surrounding area from the Emperor’s Stone lookout tower near the village of Rádlo. Above the village of Příchovice you can go up to Jara Cimrman's Lighthouse, where you’ll also find a museum dedicated to this traveller, genius and inventor of ours. Stone viewpoints are just as popular, such as Černá Studnice, Královka, Proseč and Bramberk, which looms high over the Lučany valley. Of course, we can’t forget the queen of the Jizera Mountains, Štěpánka, our octagonal stone lookout tower.


Our last tips are especially for families with children, who can find a number of nature trails in the Jizera Mountains. Towards the end of the world we’ll take a trail with eight stops, which gives us the chance to see some good honest craftsmanship. The Craft Trail can be found in Poustka near Frýdlant, and besides its beautiful wooden statues there are also eight quiz questions and a surprise at the end. 

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