Where would you like to swim? In a pool, pond or outdoor natural swimming hole? Take your pick.


Those who don’t take a dip at least once in their lifetime in Mácha’s Lake (by the way, the lake is actually a fish pond, but shh!) haven’t really lived. The lake is lined with four sandy beaches, and the popular summer activities here include riding paddle boats and visiting the Staré Splavy water park. It’s no wonder, as not many people can resist giant water trampolines, slides and swings.

You’re can be confident that you can enjoy natural swimming without crowds of tourists at Hamr Pond or Holany Ponds, which are, by the way, real knockouts. You can go swimming in the Jablonec nad Nisou town centre, in the renowned reservoir. And you’ll certainly recall Věžák Pond from the film ‘How to Get Daddy into Reform School’. There are simply so many of them.

If swimming pools are more your thing, we can offer you several indoor water parks: Liberec’s Babylon is popular for its high-adrenaline funnel rides, Mašek’s Garden in Turnov is unique, and Jičín and Špindlerův Mlýn can boast of their water parks.

The Jizera River is ideal for sporty individuals who would like to have a go at rafting, kayaking or canoeing. Try sailing in the section between Malá Skála and Dolánky, and return by scooter. The Dubice u České Lípy activity park and the water park at the Horka ve Stráži pod Ralskem Reservoir are real sports attractions. Here, you can learn to water ski like an absolute pro thanks to two special cables and several obstacles.