We assume you’re not scared and trust you’ll choose what’s right for you.

Your heart is racing, your pupils are dilated, and your lungs are ventilating more air. This is exactly what happens when adrenaline – a hormone responsible for your sudden ability to achieve extreme physical performance – rushes through your veins. Whereas some couldn’t care less about this feeling, others are addicted to it.

The Liberec Region has a lot to offer adrenaline junkies. How about encasing yourselves in a giant bubble and playing a football match on a pitch against your friends while wearing it. Safe face-plants guaranteed.

Bobsledding in Harrachov is a little milder experience, but your hair will be well ruffled nevertheless once you will have passed through the 17 turns during your charming ride down the entire one-kilometre-long sledge track. Lighting along the entire tracks makes taking night rides under the stars possible.

Put your fear of heights aside when you visit the Yellow Point high-adrenaline park in Špindlerův Mlýn, as most of the rope obstacles are situated at a height of 18 metres. The giant swing here is so huge that it’s one of the biggest in Europe! Top among the attractions is a 120-metre-long ride on a steel zip line, elevated 25 metres above the ground and running along the Labská Reservoir dam. Take a double portion of courage with you, as this will be spectacular.

If you would like to be enclosed in an inflatable ninety-kilogram sphere and roll downhill, try zorbing in Vrchlabí. There are two lanes available – a slow lane and a fast lane.