Rock cities and caves

Do you want to know where rock cities and isolated rock formations can be found? Or do you want to go the opposite direction and explore what’s underground?

You can explore our majestic rocks and mystery-filled rock cities in many ways.  You can either climb right up using your own or anchored steel ropes, or take a little detour and get there safely on foot. The reward will be precious either way: a fantastic view and some quiet time!

The views from the base of the rocks are also amazing, although you may occasionally get a neck ache from looking up. Don’t worry, you can get a real adrenaline rush even when you make your way on a path between rockfaces, as the space in between is so tight, you can never be sure whether or not you’ll get stuck.

The rocks are silent witness to the passage of millennia. If they could talk, they would. They have their own stories, secrets and tragedies. Some of those are actually carved into them. Sometimes, their names give us a clue, as they are derived from their shape, event, appearance... With some imagination, everyone can find their own rock here. 

The tough can attempt to conquer the Hrubé (Rough) Rocks, the religious can try the Betlémské (Bethlehem) Rocks, and the brave can go for the Borecké Rocks. Sinners should make their way to the Čertovy (Devil’s) Rocks, while animal lovers will be drawn to the Sloní (Elephant), Havraní (Rook), Krkavčí (Raven) Rocks, Husa (Goose) and Kamenný úl (Stone Beehive). You can sit for a while in Drábská světnička, lie down in Adamovo lože (Adam’s bed), look around Frýdlantské cimbuří, listen to Kamenné varhany (the Stone Organ) and have a look at what’s going on at Divadlo (Theatre). Touch Čertova ruka (the Devil’s Hand), crawl through Myší díra (Mouse Hole) and walk through the Pekařova (Baker’s), Česká (Bohemian) and Vodní (Water) Gates. Men have Men’s Rocks, girls have Maiden Rock,s and pagans have Pagan Rocks. But let’s not kid ourselves, the Prachov Rocks were, are and always will be beautiful, complete with two entrances and both short and long nature trails.

Come and try our rocks out for yourselves, all you rock-climbing guys, gals and tots :-)