Liberecký kraj je krajem pohádkovým a zámky posetým. Takovými, které znáte z filmů (Nesmrtelná teta, O princezně Jasněnce a létajícím ševci, Zlatovláska nebo Princ Bajaja), i těmi, které na své objevení čekají jako zakletá princezna.

Liberec Region is a fairytale region.

Lemberk Chateau was rebuilt from a Medieval castle where, as the legend goes, St. Zdislava performed a miracle. The vast Chateau in Zákupy used to serve as a summer residence of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. The romantic Sychrov Chateau is open all year round and besides filmmakers and visitors, it was also popular with composer Antonín Dvořák. One of the dominant features of the sandstone Bohemian Paradise rock formations is the Renaissance chateau of Hrubá Skála, today a hotel with a health spa.

Hrubý Rohozec Chateau has more than 30 richly furnished rooms of the count’s family. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicism all meet in Dětěnice, a chateau that hosts period programmes and balls and medieval feasts.

The Wallenstein family is closely connected with the history of the chateaux in Frýdlant, Mnichovo Hradiště and Jičín. Jilemnice Chateau houses the Krkonoše Museum, where you can see a mechanical nativity scene that plays music, and the softest linen thread in the world.

Stránov Chateau attracts visitors with its collection of butterflies, beetles, historic carriages and dolls; the chateau in Bělá pod Bezdězem combines different architectonic styles that are combined with astonishing easiness and harmony.

The Renaissance chateau in Horní Libchava used to be the residence of the Grand Prior of the Order of Malta. The Humprecht hunting chateau is a unique dominant feature above the town of Sobotka. It is famous mostly because of its 17-meter tall music hall with excellent acoustics. The castle and chateau in Staré Hrady u Jičína is popular mainly with children.