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You can´t imagine a holiday without being able to see the world from a horse´s back? Find accommodation on a ranch.

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Accommodation Farm Hucul

VitkoviceHucul Farm offers nice accommodation, as well as horse riding and agro-tourism. It is located in the village of Vítkovice, in the foothills of Janova ...Ranches, agricultural tourism

Accomodation in private and Ecofarm U Kotyků

Roztoky u Jilemnice Apartments

Apartments and mountain farming settlement Na Zvonici

Paseky nad JizerouApartments and mountain farming settlement Na Zvonici stands alone on the southern slope of the town Paseky nad Jizerou, with a view of the western ...Ranches, agricultural tourism

Apartments Kozákov

Radostna pod Kozakovem Apartments

Bio farm Filoun

PlavyBio farm Filoun is focused on ecological breeding Holstein cattle. All the milk is processed on its own dairy farm in the bio products. Bio ...Ranches, agricultural tourism

Ecofarm and pension Dvůr Hlaváč

CernousyDvůr Hlaváč is an eco-farm specialising in the breeding of horses, goats and cattle, located in the village of Černousy. Dvůr Hlaváč offers olde-worlde accommodation ...Ranches, agricultural tourism

Ecofarm Rytířova Lhota

LibosoviceAccommodation is offered on a farm in the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) region. Ranches, agricultural tourism

Farm PCT Ptýrov

PtyrovFarm PCT Ptýrov offers accommodation in town Ptýrov, close to city Mnichovo Hradiště, in region Bohemian Paradise. Ranches, agricultural tourism

Farm Vrchovany

VrchovanyFarm is situated in town Vrchovany, in region Macha´s Area (Machuv kraj). Ranches, agricultural tourism

Farmhouse Obročníkovi

Turnov Apartments

Pension - Farm Kotelsko

Rovensko pod TroskamiPension - Farm Kotelsko offers accommodation in a family pension in the beautiful countryside of the Bohemian Paradise. Farm Kotelsko is a settlement in the ...Guest houses

Pension Selský Dvůr, Raspenava

RaspenavaPension Selský Dvůr offers accommodation in town Raspenava, in region Frydlant Region. Guest houses
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