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A moorland is a sophisticated ecosystem using groundwater or precipitation, where plant biomass is produced on a large scale. Through unique natural processes, dead parts of plants cluster together and are transformed in the lower layers of soil, where they having no access to air, into peat. Wonderful plants grow in these moorlands.

The largest moorland in the Jizera Mountains isn’t open to the public, but do not despair. You can walk on nature trails running through other moorlands. The Rašeliniště Jizerky (Jizera Mountain Moorland) national nature preserve, alongside the meanders of the Jizerka River and its tributaries, takes advantage of the extreme weather conditions consisting of low temperatures, high precipitation and snowfall.

The Černohorská rašeliniště (Černá Hora Moorlands) will charm you with their beautiful nature, rare flora, fresh air and the chirping of birds. There is a 3.5-km long nature trail with an observation tower, from which the entire central moor meadow will unfold before your very eyes. What’s more, even young children can manage it!

Klikvová louka is a partially exhausted moor, which is now a nature reserve.

Do you want to know all the places where you can find Protected Landscape Areas or Nature Parks? Take a look at our list.


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