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Climb all the way to the top! Work up some sweat and let the wind blow through your hair as you gaze far behind the horizon where the sky and the ground meet. The local hills are crowned with lookout towers made from wood, stone and metal.

Who does not recognize the famous slender silhouette of the structure that was voted the best Czech structure of the 20th century. What are you waiting for? Head to Ješťěd! This unusual silver hyperboloid and its cone have been sitting on the top of a hill of the same name since 1973. It houses both a hotel and a TV tower. And it has been an object of admiration both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Rightfully so.

The romantic Liberecká výšina is a materialized illusion of a medieval castle which contains everything that a knight´s seat should have. Jára Cimrman’s Lighthouse pays homage to unlimited horizons of the fictitious Czech genius and is a great example of natural architecture. The lowest lookout tower in the Czech Republic is also dedicated to Cimrman, who used to be afraid of heights.

The granite Černá studnice lookout tower is among the most popular tourist destinations. It even survived Soviet bombardment. The lookout tower in Heřmanice is an oddly shaped tube with a dome, known as the Cucumber (Okurka). The metal Kozákov lookout tower rises on top of Kozákov Hill, the highest peak in Bohemian Paradise.

The Královka stone tower offers one of the most beautiful views of the Jizerské hory Mountains. Smrk is made of steel and both the tower and the shelter are open all year round. Štěpánka, a narrow octagonal tower built in the Neo-Gothic style, is nicknamed the Queen of the Jizerské hory Mountains.

The Panorama lookout tower used to be a chairlift pole. Žalý is the only lookout tower in the Krkonoše Mountains made of stone. A great view can also be had from the Raisovy chaty Chalets. The wooden Císařský kamen tower is accessible only at one’s own risk. The newest lookout tower in the region is U borovice. On top of Vrátenská hora Hills, you can find a telecommunications tower with a view point. The Na Stráži lookout tower has a steel body covered in spruce wood.

The rocky region also offers views from its many hills that often bear very romantic names, such as Krásná Máří (Beautiful Mary, u Lvíčka (The Small Lion) and Čapí palice (Stork Head).

Do you feel intrigued? Do you prefer traditional observation towers or lookout points? Choose what suits you best.


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Allain’s Tower

Lomnice nad PopelkouThis magnificent tree stand was built for the holder of the Lomnice estate, the Lord of Rohan. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Bozkov – the lookout gallery of the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary

BozkovThe gallery in the 49-metre-tall tower of the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary offers unique views of the foothills of the Semily ...Lookout towers and viewpoints

Bramberk Lookout Tower

Lucany nad NisouThe originally wooden lookout tower has been stretching above the valley of Lučany since 1889. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Císařský kámen Lookout Tower

RadloThe original wooden lookout tower Císařský kámen had to be dismantled because of the emergency but there is no reason for sadness. A new look-out ...Lookout towers and viewpoints

City Hall, Liberec

LiberecThe Neo-Renaissance-style building of Liberec Town Hall was built in 1893 according to a design by F. Neumann, a Viennese architect. It is well-known for ...Lookout towers and viewpoints

Černá Studnice Lookout Tower

SmrzovkaThe stone lookout tower offers views of the Jizerské Hory. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Dragon’s Hill Lookout Rock

LiberecThe German mountain club made the rock stack accessible in 1902 as they cut 70 steps into it and installed the railings. There is a ...Lookout towers and viewpoints

Dubecko Lookout Tower

Mirova pod KozakovemThe lookout tower on the top of Dubecko was set in operation in December 2001. It is used by mobile operators as well. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Frýdlant Lookout Tower on the top of Resselův Vrch

FrydlantThe stone lookout tower on the top of Resselův Vrch, situated to the north of Frýdlant, was built in 1907. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Heřmanice Lookout Tower

HermaniceIn the summer of 2012, a new, wooden lookout tower was constructed in the Frýdlant region, in the atypical shape of a dome-topped cylinder. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Hlavatice Lookout Rock

TurnovThe sandstone rock offers views of the surroundings. Lookout towers and viewpoints

Holubník Lookout Rock

HejniceThe top of Mount Holubník with a lookout rock provides superb panoramic views of the surrounding Jizerské Hory. Lookout towers and viewpoints
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