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In today’s fast-paced times, galleries are not only collections of art, but also oases of peace that allow you to step back from the hustle and bustle of life. This does not mean, however, that some works of art will not evoke real storm of feelings inside you!

Stop by the Joy Gallery situated within the Václav Čtvrtek Library, named after the author of the famous highwayman Rumcajs of Jičín. In the same town, you’ll also find Rumcajs’s cobbler workshop and Rumcajs’s World by Radek Pilař, who gave form to the most famous residents of the Řáholec woods.

The Garnet Gallery in Turnov displays and sells glass and Bohemian garnet jewels. The Detesk Museum and Gallery combines the art of wine with a display of glass, which has close links to Železný Brod, and a wine shop.

The restored Lázně Regional Gallery in Liberec is held in high regard by both architects and non-architects. The Prostor 228 Gallery, situated in the same town, is an oasis which has a unique display of a living organism.

Located in a former Franciscan church, the Gallery of Classical Art in Hostinné offers a unique collection of replicas of classical antique sculptures, whose value is increased by the fact that the originals of some the sculptures have been lost or destroyed.

The Trutnov Gallery boasts the V růžové světnici (In the Pink Room) painting by Josef Čapek from 1937, as well as sculptures by Otto Gutfreund. The Julie W. Mezerová Gallery in Úpice exhibits items related to the Čapek family and their time spent in Úpice. Here you can also find works by Úpice’s native Julie W. Mezerová, a painter with a degree in fine arts.

In other towns and villages, you can find city and ethnographic galleries, as well as galleries specializing specific artists.

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